Convergence is an interactive night time projection artwork in which artists Claire Brunet and Susan Frykberg investigate the concept of water and its sustainability through the convergence between 3D digital objects and recording of sound of waters and electronic voices. The work explores our interaction with the natural environment through the digitalization of forms imported into a computerized spatial context and layered inside a software interface allowing visual or auditory modalities to converge. The artists’ mode of enquiry intersects art, nature, sound and technology through a dialogue between a digital medium moving forms and sound into code and ecological perspectives. 

This project proposes new ways of looking, listening, imagining and expressing past, present and future perceptions and interactions with the world in which we live. As a result, the artwork aims to provoke an awareness of human’s impact on the state of our water and its ecology and on the ways in which our relationship with water impacts on the future condition of the natural environment.

When the audience experiences the artwork, the viewer/listener faces a choice as an individual taking part in society, to decide between “being conscientious” [gewissenhaft] or “not being conscientious” [gewissenlos]1, of human’s impact on the state of our relationship with water and its ecology.

Claire Brunet

Sound Design:
Susan Frykberg

Gabriel Masewich (cinema 4d), Joel Proulx Bouffard (Resolume)

Video Mapping

SCANZ 2015 Water & Piece, Night Time Projection in Pukekura Park, New Zealand