What water do you come from? Is a print project inspired by the visual developed for the SCANZ 2015 Water and Peace artist residency in New Zealand. The print was created in the context of the event “ Faire impression au rouleau compresseur” organized by the print making studio l’Atelier de l’île in Val David Quebec. The event took place in July 2016 during an outdoor printmaking performance in which a group of artists rented a steam roller to print large wood cut works. An edition of 5 large prints was further produced at l’Atelier de l’île and exhibited around Canada. The print created in the context of “Faire impression au rouleau compresseur “ was presented last summer 2017 at Galerie R3 during La Biennale de l’estampe de Trois-Rivière.

Woodcut print edition 1/5, laser cutting rastering and engraving

152 cm x 91 cm


Faire Impression au Rouleau Compresseur is a printmaking collaborative group project initiated by the Atelier de l’île artists run printmaking studio located in Val David Quebec, and artist Bonnie Baxter from Concordia University, Montreal.