Inspired by a transition from the tangible object to its digitized form, my research aims at investigating different ways to artistically engage with virtual environments.

Trans: duRéel auVirtuel is a virtual reality (VR) experience that explores the concept of identity through diverse artistic mediums inside of an immersive environment. A sense of self is conveyed throughout the experience, underlining the present time, when technological developments broaden the notion of identity. The project builds on different approaches to 3D scanning technology—both indoors and outdoors—including body digitizing, to create figurative sculptural forms that are experienced by the viewer as objects of introspection in virtual space.

This project engages artistically with concepts and ideas advanced in my doctoral dissertation; it further explores interactions with objects and space within immersive environments. The research contributes to the advancement of knowledge in sculpture practice by allowing for an enhanced phenomenological approach to forming the viewer’s experience. Furthermore, my research investigation brings innovative artistic perspectives to interactive platforms conventionally developed for gaming. Future projects aim to foster creative freedom inside a virtual spatial context to explore gestures that matter virtually.

Virtual Reality, TouchDesigner software, VIVE system


Concept & Artist Digital Sculpture:
Claire Brunet

Sound Design:
Mathieu Marcoux

VR Design:
Sidecar studio; programmer Philippe Provencher, Multi  Media Joël Proulx Bouffard

Reynald Connolly, Anne-Marie Tougas, Satyavan Neumann, Shan Pelletier, Dax Verona, Marcel Achard, Ryan Mason